Product Description

Shell Advance Racing M Oil.

3 x 1L bottles

Ideal for Iame  60 Gazelle, Comer W60, TKM or 100cc engines.

Shell Advance Racing M – a castor based racing oil especially developed for 2-stroke karts.

Shell Advance Racing M provides exceptional protection in the most severe racing situations, even at the highest revving condition of 2-stroke karts. The unique formulation is based on castor oil and synthetic components and is specifically tested for 2-stroke racing engines. It prevents scuffing, ring sticking and deposit formation, making the engine reliable while maximising power output.

Advance Racing M is a race proven technology (kart sport world championship). The ease of burning allows fast adaptation to new driver requirements, improving acceleration, performance and power output. Also, the very low ash content minimises spark plug fouling, keeping their efficiency high.

Advance Racing M is non-diluted and therefore recommended for use in a premixing system with a mixing ratio of 1:16 for karts unless otherwise recommended by engine manufacturer.

Advance Racing M is approved by FIM/FIA-CIK. It meets SAE J 300 30 viscosity grade requirements.

NB: Castor based oils like Shell Advance Racing M must never be mixed with conventional mineral oils.