Product Description

Rotax Max Radiator design with adjustable cooling surface

From 2011 onwards

New radiator must be fitted to the right hand side of the engine using the mounting rod and 2 rubber grommets as supplied by Rotax.
Use of the cooling flap is optional.

To fit the new radiator the bottom hose needs to be shortened by approximately 57mm.

Thickness of radiator: 34 mm

Includes cooling flap & rubber grommets

Support rod not included



  • Adjustable cooling area will minimize the need to tape the radiator at cold ambient temperatures.
  • Improved fixation of the radiator to the engine to increase durability of the radiator.
  • The force for the adjustment of the flap can be set individually by means of the 2 Allen screws and locking nuts.
  • Quick engine warm up with closed flap (Compared to actual radiator)